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Beatrix Dinglasan Photo

Beatrix Dinglasan


AKA "Beyaa"

🎓 Studying Nursing

💼 People Pack member since May 2022


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Beya applied to be a Virtual Assistant because she claimed to have no experience. Then she aced every aspect of the selection process: behavioral interviews, work samples, and passion for what Grand Dude Studios is trying to accomplish. She spent her summer (between graduating high school and starting college) learning all about social media marketing, how Amazon KDP and other print-on-demand services work, project management, online reputation and community management, customer personas and journey maps, and communications. 

Grand Dude Studios Logo

Grand Dude Studios Logo

She put a calendar together and the content that will be released for the rest of the year. She designed a new website. She mapped out several strategies for growing the fanbase and nurturing the community. Many companies have entire teams of seasoned veterans that don’t get that much done in a year, much less three months.

Beya is pursuing a BS in Nursing, but she has a passion for fine arts. She loves that she can use her creativity, graphic design, video editing, and other artistic skills, while still pursuing a practical career education. She gets to continue to apply and perfect her “fun” knowledge and skills and still show her parents that she is a responsible person. 

Grand Dude Studios Logo


What I love the most about my job is that I have the ability to choose what I am doing and when. I am able to balance my school requirements, personal life, and work time.

-Beatrix Dingsalan

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