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Coleen Salvador

Coleen Salvador


🎓 BS in HRM

💼 People Pack member since May 2022


learned how to play guitar

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cups of coffee per day

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Coleen applied to be a Virtual Assistant for Grand Dude Studios. Given how smart and talented she was, it seemed too good to be true so she was passed over for another candidate that turned out to be a  scam artist. Darin reached out to Coleen and offered to send her to Code Camp and make sure she learned about full-stack web development and blockchain technology. This time, it was Coleen’s turn to be skeptical and suspicious. However, Darin allowed her to work her own hours because she needed to put family first. That sealed the deal.

Grand Dude Studios Logo

Grand Dude Studios Logo

Coleen loves several things about her role. First, she is a mom and her daughter loves Rabbit the Dog. Second, she is constantly learning and she works for an organization that encourages employees to try new things and make mistakes - because you learn a lot from them. Third, she believes in the mission and wants to help the team reach as many children as possible. 

Now Coleen manages websites for a couple of Darin’s ventures, manages NFTs for the company and illustrators in both Cardano and Algorand, and is about to embark upon the design of a game using the NFTs. 

Grand Dude Studios Logo


The thing that I love, being in this kind of job, is the fact that I am really learning.

- Coleen Salvador 

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