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Francisca Phillips

DESIGNER & Rabbit's Human Mom

AKA "Alula"

🎓 BA Translation & Interpretation; Masters in Education

💼 People Pack member since April 2020


priority is my family

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priority is family again

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is family. What else?

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Francisca designed the layout for the first eight picture books created in early 2020. She leveraged real photographs taken of Rabbit the Dog from various points in Rabbit's life. Those books were proof-of-concept that were shopped to a few publishers before Darin founded Grand Dude Studios. Her goal is to entertain her grandchildren, who are all huge fans of Rabbit. 

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What started as a fun project while sitting at home turned into a discovery of untapped talent. Now I use Canva and design things for others all the time!

- Francisca Phillips 

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Darin is the CEO & Founder of Grand Dude Studios.

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Rabbit is the inspiration behind the books.

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Lyndon’s comical art was an immediate hit with little kids.