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Patrice Anne Aguilar Photo

Patrice Anne Aguilar


AKA "Pat"

🎓 Studying Multimedia Arts

💼 People Pack member since May 2020


times I fractured my arms

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Patrice was the first illustrator to partner with Grand Dude in 2020. She is a student in the Philippines who has been creating works of art since the age of 7. She grew up around little kids a lot younger than her, which made her familiar with what kids love and want to see. She's an avid fan of anime and cartoons - which influences her style

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Grand Dude Studios Logo

Patrice was doing piecemeal art as a freelance creative when she was first commissioned by Darin to illustrate a book (Rabbit and the Bullies). Kids loved her illustrations much more than the real-life photos in Rabbit’s first eight books, so Darin offered Patrice a job. She agreed to join ‘Rabbit’s people pack’ because illustrating full books was very different from the one-off artwork that she had been doing for years. 

Patrice finds inspiration in various visual arts. She constantly strives to make each scene relatable to the audience. She wants the children to be able to visualize the story - even if they cannot read. 

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The thing I love the most is our community - how we help each other at all times.

- Patrice Aguilar 

Books Illustrated by Patrice:

Rabbit Creates a Frame Game book cover
Rabbit Instincts Book
Rabbit and The Bullies Book

Games Illustrated by Patrice:

Rabbit and Friends Hide-N-Seek game

Rabbit and Friends 




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Biplanes PRO



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Run with Rabbit



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Rabbit Match 3



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