Rabbit the Dog Wearing a hoddie Picture

Rabbit The Dog


This series tells the real-life adventures of Rabbit the Dog using real pictures. We think she is super-cute and we hope your child agrees. 

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up (The Holidays) Book

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up

(The Holidays)

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up (What am I?) Book

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up

(What am I?)

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up (Where am I?) Book

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up

(Where am I?)

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up (Who am I?) Book

Rabbit Likes to Play Dress Up

(Who am I?)

Rabbit Makes new Friends

Rabbit Makes New Friends

Rabbit moves to Miami Book

Rabbit Moves to Miami

Rabbit Loves to Sleep Book

Rabbit Loves to Sleep

Rabbit Gets Her Name Book

Rabbit Gets Her Name

Illustration of Rabbit the Dog Sleeping in her donut bed

Rabbit the Dog


This series was designed to facilitate a peaceful night's sleep. Most harsh consonants and sounds (e.g. plosives and affricatives) have been avoided and glides (l, r, w, and y sounds) have been added to make the sound of the story a pleasing and calming experience. The story winds down to a tranquil ending without overtly saying, "Go to sleep!" This helps calm a racing mind and does not leave any unresolved concerns that may interrupt a child's dreams. 

Rabbit's Back Scratch book cover

Rabbit's Back Scratch

Rabbit's Gratitude Book

Rabbit's Gratitude

Rabbit's Bathtime Book

Rabbit's Bathtime

Rabbit's Favorite Things Book


Favorite Things

Rabbit's People Pack Book


People Pack

Rabbit's Birthday Book

Rabbit's Birthday

Rabbit's Lunch Adventure Book


Lunch Adventure

Rabbit's Great Morning Book


Great Morning

Illustration of Rabbit the Dog playing with her carrot toy

Rabbit The Dog


The naptime series of Rabbit the Dog books are designed so that a child can 'read' the story by telling the adult what they see on every page (independent of what is written). They are also designed to facilitate a conversation between the person reading and the child. Whether the reader is an older sibling, teacher, grandparent, or other adult, Rabbit is up to something and it should be discussed. 

Rabbit Fixes Things book cover

Rabbit Fixes Things

Rabbit Takes a Walk Book

Rabbit Takes a Walk

Rabbit and the Rules Book

Rabbit and the Rules

Rabbit's Learn How to Fly book

Rabbit Learns to Fly

Rabbit's Inspection Book

Rabbit's Inspection

Rabbit's Bacon Bath Book

Rabbit's Bacon Bath

Illustration of Rabbit the Dog who is feeling proud

Rabbit The Dog


These stories touch on several of the key requirements in a way that will help parents and guardians help their children prepare. These stories are meant to be read over-and-over to help your child understand and be able to use the skills that Rabbit uses in each book.  Ask your child (or grandchild) questions as you go through the books to make sure they have internalized the key points and can use the skills.

Rabbit Has Feelings Book

Rabbit Has Feelings


Illustration of Rabbit the Dog Shaking

Rabbit The Dog


School is a wonderful and challenging place. At the same time, children enter a new phase of physical and emotional development. Rabbit the Dog models research-based methods for dealing with the emotional and social issues that commonly pop up during this period in life. She learns a technique. Then she tries to use it, but she does not implement it perfectly. She refocuses her efforts and makes a more committed effort. Finally, things work out. 

Rabbit's Instincts Book

Rabbit's Instincts

Rabbit and The Bullies Book

Rabbit and the Bullies


Upcoming Books
Upcoming Books


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