Rabbit And The Bullies Book Cover



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Author: Darin Phillips

Illustrated By: Patrice Anne Aguilar

Rabbit the Dog gets picked on, which, ironically, turns Rabbit into a bully. The consequences get to be too much for Rabbit to bear so she learns how to manage the animals that are picking on her and let go of the anger that was getting her into trouble. Many children face teasing from peers in grade school and need to find solutions that will work. Rabbit uses the one tried and true technique that children should master (as well as a few adults).

Format: Paperback & eBook

Published: December 19, 2020

Rabbit is feeling sad about being bullied illustration


School is a wonderful and challenging place. At the same time, children enter a new phase of physical and emotional development. Rabbit the Dog models research-based methods for dealing with the emotional and social issues that commonly pop up during this period in life. She learns a technique. Then she tries to use it, but she does not implement it perfectly. She refocuses her efforts and makes a more committed effort. Finally, things work out.

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