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Rabbit the Dog went to bed with a lot of problems on her mind. She did not get much sleep and she had bad dreams. Lucky for her, human mom has ideas about how Rabbit can go back and fix the things that made Rabbit worry. Having unresolved concerns at bedtime often causes the mind to keep working on those problems during the night. And, classic fairy tales right before bed can make matters worse.

Rabbit learns how to identify and label some uncomfortable emotions. She learns that by tackling relationship problems directly, people can often improve their friendships. She learns that accidents can be addressed in a way that results in forgiveness. She learns that confessing and crying are both therapeutic. She learns that adults misunderstand each other sometimes and arguments can happen, but it is not as bad as Rabbit thinks. And, she learns about guilt.

Format: Paperback & eBook

Published: February 27, 2023

Illustration of Rabbit the Dog from the book Rabbit Fixes Things


The naptime series of Rabbit the Dog books are designed so that a child can 'read' the story by telling the adult what they see on every page (independent of what is written). They are also designed to facilitate a conversation between the person reading and the child. Whether the reader is an older sibling, teacher, grandparent, or other adult, Rabbit is up to something and it should be discussed. 

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