Rabbit's Bathtime Book Cover





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Author: Darin Phillips

Illustrated by: Lyndon Arellano

Rabbit loves to take a bath, play with bubbles, rinse with a shower, and put on warm pajamas. This is one of the best rituals from her day. Children will start to pay attention to the things that they like about their own bathtime ritual, which should help remove any resistance to bathtime in their homes! 

The smooth rhyming scheme and the pleasing illustrations of Rabbit the Dog being happy and relaxed will help soothe a child’s mind right before it is time to sleep.

Formats: Paperback & eBook

Published: August 8, 2022

Illustration of Rabbit the Dog Scrubbing her body


This series was designed to facilitate a peaceful night's sleep. Most harsh consonants and sounds (e.g. plosives and affricatives) have been avoided and glides (l, r, w, and y sounds) have been added to make the sound of the story being read a pleasing and calming experience. The story winds down to a tranquil ending without overtly saying, "Go to sleep!" This helps calm a racing mind and does not leave any unresolved concerns that may interrupt a child's dreams. 

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