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Author: Darin Phillips

Illustrated by: Patrice Anne Aguilar

Rabbit the Dog learns that her instincts to fight, flight, or freeze can be harmful so she sets out to discover healthier ways to manage her triggers. Soon, her entire grade school class joins in and they all share techniques that work for each of them. This book is chock full of techniques that have proven to effectively interrupt the emotions that trigger instincts that are not as useful in modern life as they were in prehistoric times. Readers are sure to find a handful of things to try in their own lives. 

Rabbit's Instincts is part of the grade school series of books that help children understand and effectively manage social and emotional challenges that are commonly faced once children start going to school. Independent and valid, evidence-based research is combined with the author's ten years as a counselor to at-risk youth and 20+ years as a mentor to young people to shape the content of every grade school story. The goal is not to replace counseling, but to plant seeds and provide some basic education that children can use in practical ways.

Format: Hardcover, Paperback, & eBook

Published: February 17, 2022

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School is a wonderful and challenging place. At the same time, children enter a new phase of physical and emotional development. Rabbit the Dog models research-based methods for dealing with the emotional and social issues that commonly pop up during this period in life. She learns a technique. Then she tries to use it, but she does not implement it perfectly. She refocuses her efforts and makes a more committed effort. Finally, things work out.

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